“Racing is Life. Anything Before or After is Just Waiting”

So Steve McQueen says, and it’s a banger of a quote.  It’s like ‘ooooh yes, I’m a racing driver and normal daily life is for the dweebs’.

I love it, because it encapsulates the superiority and snobbishness of us racing types.  We want danger, speed and to live on the edge of disaster. Money, safety and everyday human concerns mean nothing at the race track, that stuff is for the normal lot!

However, before and after racing (the just waiting) is a major problem for drivers.

The waiting is a meaningless slog through endless days of nonsense where a driver feels depressed, demotivated and frankly disgusted with the world and its mediocre inhabitants. 


The world of ‘waiting’  is where a driver needs to be at their most magnificent, because that's where you’ve got to dazzle the automatons into paying for your racing!

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I have been a kart driver coach since 2004 and have worked with countless champions and watched a few of them go right to the top of the motor racing ranks.

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Now I want to give you everything I have learned for free so you can develop a philosophy of life that matches your character - a racing driver. Whether you apply it to racing or whatever you want in life doesn’t matter to me, so long as you do it like a driver - FLAT OUT.

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